Onboarding Clients – English

{000}: ONBOARDING {001}: REALM is your partner for success. {002}: If you need help with updating your account, simply contact us and we will be in touch. {003}: Add Clients {004}: REALM collects, secures, and repositions your client’s data feeds to improve the holistic real estate experience – for each individual broker and its collective member-base. REALM’s best-in-class technology is revolutionary for the Real Estate market providing the highest level of security and protection of encrypted data. {005}: You will be the only one to see your client data. All client names will be anonymized. The data you share will be used to provide the best property matches for your clients. {006}: We do not have any of your clients in REALM. Please begin by uploading your client list for your curated, lifestyle experience. {007}: Drag and drop your REALM formatted client .csv file here or select a file {008}: Need help on how to get started? {009}: Review the REALM data policy. {010}: BACK {011}: SKIP {012}: SAVE & CONTINUE