Onboarding Agreements – English

{000}: ONBOARDING {001}: Welcome to the REALM,  {002}: REALM is the world’s most elite global alliance of independent brokers, partnering together to create a true global network. {003}: REALM enhances your client relationships through experiences that make a lifetime rather than search criteria. This is done with a curated lifestyle digital content platform, combining machine learning and artificial intelligence. {004}: REALM serves the network of agents by providing the most exclusive, secure, confidential, and technology enhanced relationship optimizing the listing network between clients and agents. {005}: To get started with the REALM, we will walk you through a few necessary steps to ensure a partnership experience. Starting with your agreement to the REALM policies. {006}: I Accept the REALM Policies {007}: Terms & Conditions {008}: Confidentiality Agreement {009}: Cookies Policy {010}: I Decline the REALM Policies. {011}: To decline these policies removes your access to the REALM. If you want to discuss these policies, please contact us. {005}: NEXT