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{000}: Your Realm is Endless {001}: Relationship powered, lifestyle inspired. {002}: Agent {003}: Client {004}: YOUR REALM IS {005}: Sophisticated {006}: REALM is changing how real estate is discovered, modernizing the real estate experience with aggregation of data at a global scale. REALM collects, secures, and repositions your data feeds to improve the holistic real estate experience – for each individual broker and its collective member-base. {007}: REALM can: {008}: 
  • Provide Predictive lead scoring and listing matching technology.
  • Data Concierge Service to validate data and advise on its optimization.
  • Private Client Portal enables communication between agents and clients within the platform.
  • Database inscription to ensure member data is secure.
{012}: The REALM experience leverages the power of the global brokerage network, to match qualified buyers to properties based on lifestyle and passion rather than criteria.  A curated luxury lifestyle digital content platform with integration of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. {013}: REALM’s best-in-class technology is revolutionary for the Real estate market providing the highest level of security and protection of encrypted data. Allowing your REALM to be limitless. {014}: YOUR REALM IS {015}: Exclusive {016}: YOUR REALM IS {017}: Timeless {018}: REALM is a collection of the best minds in Real Estate. REALM is the new way for luxury Real Estate creating an engagement that reaches clients like never before. {019}: “In a world where almost, every aspect of our lives is somehow tethered to technology, experiences that engage our bodies, our senses and our souls are at a premium. Digital is what we’ve become but visceral is what we crave.” Doug Stephens, Retail Prophet {020}: REALM’s network of global partners provides clients an effortless luxurious experience, while focused on complete anonymity and exclusivity. {021}: Ensuring that the buying and selling experience is delightful, exciting, and overall the high-end luxury each client deserves. {022}: YOUR REALM IS  {023}: Effortless {024}: REALM is the world’s most elite global alliance of independent brokers, partnering together to create a true global network for luxury real estate. {025}: REALM is the new way for luxury brokerage partners to create relationships with clients through lifestyle experience rather than search criteria.   {026}: YOUR REALM IS {027}: Endless {028}:  YOUR REALM IS {029}: Stressless {030}: Curated luxury lifestyle enhanced with machine learning and artificial intelligence.  {031}: $5,443,801,057   {032}: Total Value of REALM Exclusive Listings {033}: “Representing one of the most exclusive listings in the world is a privilege and it takes an agent that truly understands the clientele.  I’m fortunate to have 50 clients in my personal database that are qualified to purchase this property and I know that I am connected to the trusted advisors of at least 50 more through the real estate professionals of the REALM.” {034}: <agent name, brokerage> {035}: “The REALM has transformed how I present my listings to the world.  While most real estate networks focus on a broadcast strategy without any kind of targeted marketing or collaboration amongst the brokers, the REALM experience helps me to target highly qualified buyers through their trusted real estate advisors.  Based on insights that no other network can offer, whether buying or selling, the client has a far more custom experience that is completely focused on their lifestyle and priorities.” {036}: <agent name, brokerage> {037}: “I was representing a new development in our marketplace in collaboration with a luxury hotel chain.  Through the REALM I was able to offer the developer proof of concept and pricing strategy by initially offering the product to members of the REALM.  We sold through 40% of the inventory through the REALM and hit the (mass) market with the momentum necessary to achieve record price levels.” {038}: <agent name, brokerage> {039}: Learn More {040}: CONTACT US {041}: Your Realm Begins Now {042}: Let us help you get there. Fill out the form below or email at {043}: First Name {044}: Last Name {045}: Phone Number {046}:Email Address {047}: Brokerage {048}: Agent {049}: Client {050}: Region/Location {051}: Comment (Optional) {052}: GET STARTED {053}: (C) Copyright 2018, REALM, LLC