How To: Developments

How To connect with and share REALM Developments

Learn more about our Development Members, their projects and how to provide information to your clients.

  • Share information with your clients about a Development through the interactive REALMvue brochures.
  • Click the Share button to copy the brochure link and send to your clients who may be interested in learning more about these opportunities.

How To: Insights Page

How To Share an Insights Article

Share curated content to your clients provided by Luxe Interiors + Design.

  • Once you click on the article of your choosing, you will see which of your clients would find value in the article based on their lifestyles and tags.
  • Send the article with your clients by selecting Share With Clients.

How To: Members

How To Connect with other REALM Members

We’ve made connecting with other Members easy! Simply filter by name, location, brokerage and/or tags to generate a list of Members that fit the criteria you’re looking for. Make sure to select the Download as CSV button to save the results to your device.

How To: My Profile

How To Add Specialty Tags To My Profile

Add Specialties that highlight the market you work in and the types of properties you have direct access to. If you are short on time to work through the list, we recommend making sure your market and the price point of homes you work with are tagged.

How To: My Clients Page

How To: My Clients Page

How To Add/Upload Clients

Upload your client list and let REALM Intelligence go to work! Our technology platform is designed to enrich your knowledge of your clients’ interests, passions and hobbies. Once uploaded, your clients will be matched to your listings as well as other listings in REALM.

  • File type must be .csv.
  • Mandatory fields include the clients first name, last name and email. Additional information such as phone number and address are optional fields, but are extremely helpful.
  • Once your client list has been uploaded, you can click into their individual profiles to view their lifestyle affinities and properties they may be interested in.