Company Connect

Your REALM resource to grow your business.

Use Company Connect to search your client base for connections to a specific company, or request to connect with another Member within REALM that has a client affiliated with the company.



Search within your Client Network

The Clients tab displays your connected clients.

We’ve made it easy to connect directly with your client(s); simply select the EMAIL CLIENT button.

Leverage the REALM


Network with Members that have Client Connections

The Members tab shows Members that have a connection to the company you are interested in. You can reach out to the Member by selecting the REQUEST CONNECTION button.

Once a Member receives your request, they can reach out to their Client(s).



Check for Connection Requests

Be sure to check your Connection Requests. Those are requests from other Members that have searched for a specific company one of your Clients has an affiliation with.

How To: Matches – Member Alerts

How To: Matches – Member Alerts

How To: Member Alerts

Member Alerts is a great place to see which REALM Members are reaching out to you specifically. When someone in REALM sees that you have clients that could be a match for their property, they have the option to contact you. Once contacted you will be able to see the name of the Member who reached out, their listing, where their market is, the date they reached out to you, etc. You can then click on their listing in this section to see which of your clients are a match and more details on their home. We recommend you look at this section once a week to make meaningful connections with your REALM community.

How To: Matches – My Properties

How To: Matches – My Properties

My Property Matches

This section of the platform will give you a snapshot of all your matching opportunities for your listings. To get more information on which of your clients are matches, what Members in REALM have matches for that specific listing and WealthX created marketing profiles, simply click on the property for more information.